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IT Risk Management Program

Cyberguards consultants work with your organization to develop risk management strategies for an effective IT risk management program. Risk management and risk assessment activities will take into account people, business, process and technology.

Our risk assessment services assesses, mitigate and monitor risks at your organization for information security. Information security risk management and risk assessment is a major subset of the enterprise risk management process, which includes both the assessment of information security, physical risks to the organization as well as the determination of appropriate risk management actions and established priorities for managing and implementing security controls to protect against those risks.


The risk management and IT security risk assessment process involves setting priorities and making key decisions in regards to what is sometimes called the organization’s “appetite for risk”. The primary direction in making decisions about risk acceptance needs to come from organization’s leadership. Information security organizations may manage the risk management program, but it’s necessary to consult with organization’s leadership about handling risks that cannot effectively be reduced or mitigated.

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