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Why Cyber Guards?

Why Cyber Guards

Cyber guards are essential because they protect digital assets from various online threats like hackers, malware, and data breaches. They act as digital gatekeepers, ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive information. Without cyber guards, organizations risk losing valuable data and facing severe financial and reputational damage. Think of them as the silent protectors of the digital realm, keeping our online world safe and secure.

To make matters worse, your team isn’t defending your organization from only a single threat actor, but instead you have to defend yourselves from 100s of threat actors that are constantly trying new ways to break in and steal your most valuable data.

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Most of our competitors are happy to see an alert and email you detailing the problem; but they lack the action that you need. Instead, they leave it to your internal team to interpret the alert and take action.

At Cyber Guards, we are your staff of experts that will monitor, detect, and respond to threats in your environment 24/7/365. When you partner with Cyber Guards you’ll have a full team of certified experts (all U.S. citizens), armed with industry leading technology to defend your organization!

When we See Something, we will Say Something to keep you in the loop. But more importantly we will DO SOMETHING to keep your environment, users, and clients safe!

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